C4 Tri-Test 400


Name: Tri-Test 400
Manufacturer: C4 Pharmaceuticals
Contains:Testosterone Decanoate 160mg, Testosterone Enanthate 120mg, Testosterone Cypionate 120mg

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An Ultimate Guide on the Wonderful Drug Tri Test 400

What is Tri Test 400?

Tri Test 400 is the strongest testosterone blend readily available in the market. It is made up of three powerful and continued chains of ester drugs. It is primarily used in the form of therapies by the men, who are suffering from hypogonadism and the supplement is noted for positively impact one’s life. Individuals could only manage to get the oral or injectable forms of Test 400 if he can show an authentic doctor’s note substantiating his need for the drug. Such a professional recommendation is required because many people in the past have misused this supplement and were subjected to adverse side-effects.

What is the exact dosage for Tri Test 400?

there is no exact dose as everyone is different –

400-1200mg per week

400 being the base line

800 being the average cycle / Bodybuilder dose

1200 being the experienced much higher bodybuilder dose – not recommended

What are the benefits of Tri Test 400?

Using the drug in proper dosages and with a consultation from a doctor would surely allow individuals to relish some amazing benefits. Take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in brief:

  • An increase in the production of testosterone.
  • An increase in the strength.
  • An increase in the muscle mass.